Narcotic Silks 
By Alexandra Isacson

Enter the other world of Alexandra's Narcotic Silks chapbook, available from Dancing Girl Press published by Christy Bowen!

During National Poetry Month, April 2015, Sundress Publications' The Wardrobe and Wardrobe's curator, Leslie LaChance featured poems "Silk Hexes," "Naked Chardonnay," "Salem, Mass.," "Cathedral- for Raymond Carver," & "Wind Floosies" from Alexandra's Chapbook, Narcotic Silks! Sundress Publications is a nonprofit publishing collective and host of several online journals.

Silk Hexes

"Salem, Mass." is in Blink Ink published by Doug Mathewson, previously published by Dancing Girl Press in Narcotic Silks.

"The White Poppy" is in Red Rose Review published by Larissa Nash & Jennifer Martin 

"Naked Chardonnay" is in the Original Van Gogh's Ear  edited by Tina Hall & Ian Ayres

" Exhaling the Breath of Delacroix's Hookah -Honoring The Women of Algiers (1834) at the Louvre" is in the Blue Fifth Review Summer Music Quarterly published by Michelle Elvy 
 "Manhattan" published by Blink Ink and published by Doug Mattewson nominated for the Pushcart Prize!

"Silk Stockings" won Blink-Inks' Postcard Project contest, featuring Lynn Alexander's photography!

Alexandra's poetry is available in the gorgeous Rising in Hope: A Tinfoildresses Anthology published by Heather Ann Schmidt

"Chocolate Martinis & Calamari," is available in the strangely intense and enlightened collection of literary poems, flash fiction, and short stories of the Medulla 2 Print Anthology published by Jennifer Hollie Bowles

"The Underworld" is in Blink/Ink's Special print Noir issue published by Doug Mattewson

"Therapy" is in the Snow Jewel, edited and published by Diane Smith Grey Sparrow Journal, voted the best new literary journal of the year 2011.  

"An Alchemist's Asylum": "Theta Waves," "Fingertips," "Dragon Fly Wings," and "The Chapel" is available in the 2011 awesome issue of tinfoildresses published by Heather Ann Schmidt